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Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) is Microsoft's cloud-based identity and access management service, which allows employees to sign in and access internal and external resources.

Why You Should Integrate

Integrating with a Directory Service like Microsoft Azure Active Directory will provide visibility and user presence awareness for an environment.

How Does the Integration Work

This integration pulls user objects from Azure AD domain.

This data is only used internally; we do not share it with any parties outside of Sevco. Refer to our privacy policy for details.

Configuration Options

Collect GroupsCollect the groups that each user is a part of by calling the /memberOf endpoint for each user. Requires at least 1 additional API call per user
Collect License DetailsCollect the licenses assigned to each user by calling the /licenseDetails endpoint for each user. Requires at least 1 additional API call per user
Filter Deactivated UsersDon't collect users with with status DISABLED

External Documentation

Creating credentials

See platform documentation for details on Microsoft Azure - Creating credentials

Required Permissions

Your Client ID/Secret or OAuth2 workflow should authorize at least the following permissions:

  • Type: Application permissions
  • Permission: User.Read.All

See Azure - Creating Credentials for details on assigning the proper permissions.

Optional Permissions

Directory.Read.AllRequired to expand the extensions attribute(s) on the user object
AuditLog.Read.AllRequired to retrieve signInActivity for a user. Note: This also requires a Microsoft Entra P1 or P2 license

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