Telemetry Overview


While the Live Inventory page provides a snapshot of the current state of your assets, the Telemetry page tracks assets at the event level and shows how their attributes have changed in the time leading up to that point.

Telemetry page

Telemetry Filters

On the left side of the page, there are several filters you can use to search for specific telemetry events.

  • Sources: this filter allows you to include and exclude telemetry events from specific Integrations. For example, you may only wish to view telemetry events related to Crowdstrike.
  • Attributes: this filter allows you to search for telemetry events involving changes to specific attributes. For example, using changes to an Integrations's agent version to determine if an asset is running the most up-to-date version of it.
  • Event Types: this filter allows to include and exclude specific telemetry event types. For example, if you've recently configured a new Integration for your Organization, you may wish to filter for the SourceMembershipAdd event type.

Like the filters on the Live Inventory page, you can select the Include button (+) to only include assets falling under a specific filter category in your results and the Exclude button (x) to remove them from your results all together.

Event Types

  • AttributeValueAdd – An attribute value has either been added or updated. (i.e. an updated agent version being added after a Source update)
  • AttributeValueRemove – An attribute value has been removed. Typically, this happens before an attribute value is updated.
  • SourceMembershipAdd – An asset has been observed by a Source for the first time.
  • SourceMembershipRemove – An asset is no longer being observed by the Source. (i.e. a Device no longer being observed by Microsoft AD after it has been uninstalled)

Event History

The right side of the page provides a visual representation of events over time and is responsive to telemetry-filtering selections and queries. Use the date picker or click and drag over a specific section of the Event Bar Graph to view events within a specific time frame. All events meeting the conditions you've established will be listed in the Event List

Telemetry bar graph filtered by date, with event list below

Telemetry Queries

Like the Live Inventory page, the Telemetry page also features a query builder that can be used to run complex searches that may not be accomplishable using the telemetry filtering tools. Click here to learn more.

Telemetry Query Builder