Quick introduction to the Sevco product and documentation

Welcome to the Sevco Asset Intelligence Platform.

About Sevco

Sevco is an Asset Intelligence platform. We aggregate inventory of users and devices and the relationships between them, and monitor the changes over time. The result? An insight into and understanding of your enterprise you've never had before.

Log into the Sevco platform at my.sev.co.

Key Concepts

  • Integration: A Sevco Integration is any data source at your company that contains information about your assets. We connect to these platforms to provide you with a unified inventory of your assets. Learn more about them in our Manage Sevco Integrations article.
  • Runner: A Sevco Runner enables the Sevco platform to connect to and retrieve data from on-premise-only sources. Learn more about them in our Sevco Runners article.
  • Asset: An asset refers to both physical and virtual devices (laptops, etc.) that your company wants to track.

About Our Documentation

We are adding functionality and documentation at a rapid pace. Sometimes documentation lags implementation, so if you need information you can't find, ask! We welcome feedback on everything; simply email [email protected].

Here's what you can expect from our user documentation:

  • Get Started with Sevco: Use this category to become operational with Sevco. Follow the Quick Start Guide and you'll be a seasoned Sevco user in no time. In this section you can also learn about managing integrations, Runners, users, MFA, and more. Our walkthrough guides you through a "day in the life" as a Sevco user. This is your section on "how to Sevco."
  • Understand Sevco: Want a deeper understanding of our logic? These conceptual articles explain the way Sevco delivers your insights.
  • Sevco Sources: This is a reference section that teaches you how to configure each source.
  • Sevco APIs: This category explains our Developer APIs at a high level for the power user. Refer to our API Reference section for details.