Configuring Actions for Saved Queries


Once a query has been saved, you can set up the following query actions from the Query Actions Panel:

  • Schedule daily or weekly emails of query results
  • Add the query to the Query Reports Dashboard
  • Apply tagging actions to add or remove tags from all assets in your query results

Accessing the Actions Panel

To access the Query Actions Panel, your query must be saved to either the My Queries or Org-wide Queries tab in the query builder.

  • Queries saved to the My Queries list are only viewable to you.
  • Queries saved to the Org-wide Queries list are viewable to all members in your Organization.
    • All actions applied to Org-wide queries will be visible to other members in your Organization, with the exception of scheduled query-results emails.

There are two ways to do this:

Option 1

You can save a query by selecting the Save Query button in the top-right corner of the query builder to add it to the My Queries or Org-wide Queries tab.

Clicking the "Saved Query" button

Option 2

If you've already run your query, you can save it from the Recent Queries tab. Hover over the query you'd like to save and select the Save button to add it.

Clicking the "Save" button next to a Recent Query

Once your query has been saved, you can access the Actions Panel by selecting the Actions link that corresponds to the query you would like to apply actions to.

Selecting the "Actions" link on the query builder

Scheduled Query-results Emails

Unlike other query actions, scheduled query-results emails will only be sent to the email address associated with your account. These emails are sent on a daily or weekly basis between 5-6am EST.

You can schedule an email by selecting the Email me query results checkbox.

  • Select daily from the Frequency dropdown for daily emails.
  • For weekly emails, select the day you would like to receive a report.

To stop receiving emails, simply uncheck the checkbox.

Checking the Email me query results checkbox

Query Reports


Note: Please refer to our article on query reports for more information.

To add a query to the Query Reports page, select the Add to query reports checkbox.

  • Queries saved to the My Queries tab will only be visible to you on the Query Reports page.
  • Org-wide queries will be visible to all members of your organization.

Selecting the "Actions" link followed by the "Add to query reports" checkbox

Once you've selected the checkbox, a "Query Report successfully created" message will appear at the top of the screen to confirm that your query has been added to the Query Reports page.

A "Query report successfully created" message

Tagging Actions

Tagging Actions allow you to manage tags for assets associated with a saved query.

  • Adding a tag to a saved query will automatically apply it to any asset appearing in your query results.
  • Likewise, removing a tag or tagging action from a saved query will remove it from those same assets.

Adding a Tagging Action

Add Tags

Select the Add Tags icon (). From here, you can choose from a list of existing tags or create a new tag in the Tag name field. Add an optional tag value if desired.

Once you have finished, select the Apply Tag button to add the tagging action to your query.

Adding a Tag

Remove Tags

To remove tags not associated with your saved query, select the Remove Tags icon () and search for the tag you would like to remove in the Tag name field.

Once you have finished, select the Apply Tag button to apply the query action to your query. Moving forward, the tag you've selected will be removed from any assets associated with your saved query results.

Removing a tag

Removing a Tagging Action

To remove a tagging action associated with a saved query, simply select the delete button to the right of the tag. This will tell the system to no longer apply or remove the specific tag to assets associated with your query results.

Removing a Tagging Action