Palo Alto Cortex Xpanse

About Cortex Xpanse

Palo Alto Cortex Xpanse is a global attack surface management platform. We build an authoritative system of record for organizations' global internet assets to reduce your mean time to inventory (MTTI).

Why You Should Integrate Cortex Xpanse

Cortex Xpanse provides a single source of truth for all public-facing assets with an outside-in view of an enterprise’s attack surface, and synchronizes that data across other existing tools. Sevco Asset Intelligence Platform delivers a single source of truth of an enterprise’s assets with an inside-out view of the organization.

With Cortex Xpanse integration to Sevco platform, IT and Security teams get access to the most comprehensive asset inventory data from a single console. Integrating Palo Alto Cortex Xpanse as a Sevco source enables you to enrich Cortex Xpanse’s Cloud Resources data by correlating with the existing IT / Security solutions’ telemetry in your environment.

The Data We Collect and How We Use It

The table below lists the fields we collect from and how they map to the fields in our Sevco platform. This data is only used internally; we do not share it with any parties outside of Sevco. Refer to our privacy policy for details.

Palo Alto Cotex Xpanse FieldSevco Field
IP AddressIP
Last Observed timestampLastUpdatedTime

Integrate Palo Alto Cortex Xpanse

  1. Add a source: Follow our instructions to add a Sevco source.
  1. Provide credentials: You'll be asked to provide source credentials that Sevco will use to connect to Palo Alto Cortex Xpanse:
Credential or ParameterDescriptionWhere You Can Find This Value
Cortex Xpanse API keyUsed when calling this endpoint: GET /api/v1/idToken/API key is provided by your Technical Account

Refer to Cortex instructions to generate credentials.

If you encounter any errors, they are most likely related to incorrect credentials or insufficient permissions. Verify your work in step 2.

Contact Us

If you're having problems integrating a source, or if you've found something wrong in this document, please email us at [email protected].