Automox is a cloud-native patch management and configuration management platform for Windows, Mac, Linux, and third-party software.

Available Integrations

The following Automox services can be integrated with the Sevco platform:

ServiceSupported Asset Type(s)Integration Type
AutomoxDevices, SoftwareSource


Please review the configuration instructions in the section below before setting up permissions for apps.


  1. Choose an Access Schema: A schema is a configuration template that defines a specific way to connect, authenticate, and interact with a source. The following are the available schemas

    • Automox: fetches all devices in the Automox platform.
    • Automox with Organization ID: fetches all devices associated with specified organization ID.
  2. Configure the Access Schema:

API Key*API Key generated from the Automox console.ABCDEF0123456789
  1. Add new integration Select which integration(s) you wish to add. See links for details on additional configuration required.

  2. Configure General Information: OPTIONAL: You can set the following fields to give platform configuration

Name (optional)Uniquely identifiable attribute of the configuration to delineate other similar configurations with the existing organizationDMZ network
Contact Person (optional)A placeholder to input a name or email address of a contact associated with the integration.Jane Doe
Link to Console (optional)A placeholder to input a link to the console of the product Sevco is integrating with for quick reference and access when configuring or editing the integration.www.product.com/devices
  1. Activate Config: To enable this configuration and begin pulling data select "Activate".

External Documentation

Creating credentials

You'll be asked to provide source credentials that Sevco will use to connect to Automox. The following link will step you through creating an API Key.


Required Permissions

See integration specific documentation for details

Collect devicesRead-Only
Collect softwareRead-Only

API Documentation

Automox API Reference

Contact Us

If you're having problems integrating a source, or if you've found something wrong in this document, please email us at [email protected].