Live Inventory Overview


The Live Inventory page provides an aggregated view of all of your Integration Assets in an Asset Class. This page has several search features that allow you to filter and view information about specific assets. Access this page by selecting the Live Inventory icon on the Navigation bar and clicking the Devices or Users link from the dropdown.

Navigating to the Live Inventory page

Inventory Views

The Live Inventory page has three ways for you to view your assets: List, Geolocation (map), and Network.


Of the three views, List view provides the most comprehensive snapshot of your assets. In this view, you will be able view asset details, Integrations, and more.

In this view, each Row represents a unique asset in your Organization. Select the caret () to reveal additional information about it.

The heat map is used to visualize when an asset's Last Activity was identified by a specific Source Integration. Columns in the heat map correspond to each of your configured Integrations. The cells within it are used to indicate if and when a particular asset has been identified as being active by an Integration. Lighter cells represent assets that have been active more recently while darker cells represent ones that have been active less recently. If a cell is black, it means the asset has never been observed by the Integration.

Device Details preview


Geo view allows you to view assets by their geographical location. Select a teal map point to zoom in on an area where multiple assets are located.

Selecting an icon on the "Geo" map to zoom in and filter by region

If only one asset is present in a location, you may click on it to view details about it. If two or more assets are present in a location, select the See details link to view their information in List view.

Clicking on a single device to view Device Details then selecting a group of devices to view it in "List" view


Network view organizes your assets into three catagories: On-Premise, Cloud, and Unknown. Assets in the latter category are then broken down further and organized by country.

Network View

Integration Venn Diagram

The Integration Venn Diagram tool compares asset data from up to five Integrations then organizes it into a venn diagram to visually communicate what assets are recognized by each Integration. Integrations can be added and removed from the Integrations dropdown menu. You may also remove an Integration by selecting its icon to the right of the dropdown.

Upon inspection, you'll likely notice that not all of your assets are recognizable to each of the Integrations you've selected. Don't panic! It isn't uncommon for assets to be unaccounted for by one or more Integrations – in fact, it is one of the many problems the Sevco platform was built to solve!

Opening the "Sources" Dropdown then selecting and deselecting Source checkboxes. Next, selecting Source icons to remove them

From here you can select various sections of the Venn Diagram to view a list of the assets in them and assess any coverage gaps.


In addition to the Venn Diagram tool, the Live Inventory page also has a number of filters you can use in your asset searches. These filters include:

  • OS Platform – Filter by operating system platform (i.e. Windows)
  • OS Release – Filter by a specific operating system release (i.e. Windows 10 Enterprise)
  • Tag Names – Filter by a user-assigned tag
  • Mac Manufacture – Filter for devices with network hardware manufactured by a specific MAC manufacturer (i.e. Intel Corporate)
  • Region – Filter by world-region (i.e. North America)
  • Country – Filter by country
  • Domain – Filter for devices associated with a specific domain name (i.e.
    • Note: In this context, domain names are most often assigned using a domain controller such as Microsoft Active Directory. This allows organizations to register and keep track of device assets.

Select the checkboxes to include () or exclude () assets in a specific filter category.

Selecting Include & Exclude filter checkboxes

Select a filter category's name to isolate assets in it. Select the name again to display assets for all filter categories.

Selecting Include & Exclude filter checkboxes

Query Builder

For more granular searches that may not be accomplishable using the Venn Diagram or filtering tools, you may wish to write a query.

The Query Builder is located at the top of the Live Inventory page and has a number of rules and parameters that can be used to create and execute complex queries to find gaps in asset coverage that may not be as obvious. Click here to learn more.

Opening the Query Builder