Tenable.io - Vulnerabilities


Vulnerability Integrations must be configured in the same Source Configuration as your Device Integrations for vulnerability data to appear on the Vulnerability Inventory page.


Tenable.io serves as a valuable tool for organizations, helping them identify and assess security vulnerabilities across their IT infrastructure. This platform offers comprehensive vulnerability coverage, spanning network assets, cloud environments, and applications, contributing to improved cybersecurity practices and risk management.

Why You Should Integrate

This source will provide insight into what vulnerabilities are impacting your devices, their severity, and solutions for resolving them.

How Does the Integration Work

This integration works by pulling and correlating Vulnerability and Device data from your instance of Tenable.io

This data is only used internally; we do not share it with any parties outside of Sevco. Refer to our privacy policy for details


If you haven't already, please review our instructions for configuring the integration before proceeding with the instructions below.

Configuration Options

Network IDComma separated list of Network IDs to limit data pull from12345678-abcd-0123-efab-012345678901

External Documentation

Creating Credentials

See platform documentation for details on Tenable.io - Creating Credentials

Required Permissions

Generating an API Key

The API key created for Sevco must be generated for a user that has the appropriate permission. Follow these instructions to ensure the user has the appropriate role.

Set the following Role:

  • Administrator

Exporting Vulnerability Data to Sevco

Please follow these instructions for configuring asset-group permissions.

  • Your Access Group must have the Can View permission configured for All Assets. Learn more

API Documentation


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