Illumio Edge

About Illumio Edge

Illumio Edge gives IT and security teams an easy path to Zero Trust. By only allowing inbound traffic from approved applications, all other connections are denied by default.

The Data We Collect and How We Use It

The table below lists the fields we collect from Illumio and how they map to the fields in our Sevco platform. This data is only used internally; we do not share it with any parties outside of Sevco. Refer to our privacy policy for details.

Illumio FieldSevco Field

Integrate Illumio

  1. Add a source: Follow our instructions to add a Sevco source.
  1. Provide credentials: You'll be asked to provide source credentials that Sevco will use to connect to Illumio:
Credential or ParameterDescriptionWhere You Can Find This Value
auth_usernameThe username that authenticates the API callsIn the drop-down User menu, select My API Keys.
secretThe password for the API keyIn the drop-down User menu, select My API Keys.
Organization IDYour Organization IDSee Section Find Your Organization ID (org_id) below.

Generate API Key

To generate an API Key please refer to

Find Your Organization ID (org_id)

To find your org_id follow the instructions on "Create Session Credentials Using Login API"

Your org_id is found from the Login API response JSON.

  1. Set permissions: In Illumio, ensure that the user that generates the API Key has at least read_only permissions

    For permissions details please refer to

If you encounter any errors, they are most likely related to incorrect credentials or insufficient permissions. Verify your work in steps 2 and 3.

Contact Us

If you're having problems integrating a source, or if you've found something wrong in this document, please email us at [email protected].