Client ID/Secret


  1. Configure the Sevco Security app in Okta:

    1. In the Okta Admin console click on "Applications" and then "API Service Integrations" on the left-hand side
    2. Select the Sevco Security integration and click "Next"
    3. Review the requested scopes and click "Install & Authorize"
    4. Copy your Client Secret from the next screen and click "Done"
    5. Copy your Client ID and Okta Domain from the next screen and continue to step 2
  2. Choose a Schema in Sevco: Select the OAuth2 schema to retrieve Okta assets using your Client ID/Secret pair

  3. Configure plugin in Sevco: Configure the plugin with the required fields.

    URL*The URL used to access the source
    Client ID*The Client ID generated when installing the Sevco Security app in OktaSa2803FNmWK9P6paYbYK
    Client Secret*The Client Secret generated when installing the Sevco Security app in OktaXZfD_ottxum-HvVlPNtxpE9FvYatPWBX_9PIAHd
  4. Configure Name: OPTIONAL: You can give the configuration a name to provide an identifiable attribute of the configuration to delineate other similar configurations.

  5. Activate Config: To enable this configuration and begin pulling data select "Activate". If you wish to save the configuration to come back later to finish, select "Save Draft". This will save the configuration, but keep it disabled until Activated.

Source Documentation

API Documentation

Supported Okta API Scopes

The Sevco Security only requests the "Users and groups: read existing users' profiles and credentials" ( scope. The integration is designed to pull Okta users into the Sevco Security application and correlate it with users from other sources. We request the minimum scope and pull the minimum data required to meet this requirement.